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Dr. Frank Zastrow


Dr. Frank Zastrow M.Sc. is an oral surgeon from Heidelberg, Germany and founder of the MIB Platform

He is an international speaker and founder of the international Facebook group REAL BONE BUILDERS.
On this platform as well on his Instagram account (@dr_frank_zastrow) with together more than ten thousand of doctors worldwide, he focusses on Biological Bone Augmentation (BBA Concept) and the reconstruction of severe intraoral bone defects with the Split Bone Technique (Prof. Khoury) and purely autogenous bone and soft tissue.

He was a research associate at the maxillofacial department of the University of Heidelberg (medical director: Prof. Dr. J. Mühling) and until 2012 he was Senior Physician at Prof. Fouad Khoury in the clinic Schloss Schellenstein, Germany.

Since 2012 he is the owner of the private clinic Dr. Zastrow & Colleagues in Wiesloch, Germany and gives international lectures.


Are you placing implants and want to reach the
next level in implantology and bone augmentation?

…but you are facing these challenges:  

Unpredictable Results

Lack of predictable results in compromised


Uncertainty in reconstruction of vertical defects


Uncertainty in Business Skills like Sales, 
Self-positioning and online marketing

High Expense

High expenses for unreliable methods and materials

Online meets Offline
EXPERT Masterclass

​ Welcome to our new hybrid education system. Online On Demand meets In-person in our new Masterclasses.
Become part of our exclusive community of Next Generation Real Bone Builders!

on Demand


Finally we proudly present our Masterclass  - our new
hybrid education system , where Online meets Offline.
We are introducing the intense Masterclass -
brought to you ONLINE without the need of traveling.

The beauty of online learning is that you can re-visit the material as often as you like and from wherever you are.

We are supporting you with our exclusive Facebook group and our weekly Masterclass LIVE calls where we go through your individual cases and discuss all your questions.




This 12-week intensive EXPERT Masterclass was developed to enable you to get reliable results even in most compromised situations, like  VERTICAL DEFECTS, and to sell your implant offer accordingly. Within the next 12 weeks you will learn not only the hard tissue techniques, but also the advanced soft tissue techniques for  VERTICAL bone augmentation like the Tunnel Technique (Khoury), the Semilunar Tunnel Approach (STA) and many more. ALL ELITE Masterclass modules are  INCLUDED.  

12-week intensive


  • Get reliable results even in most compromised situations
  • Feel comfortable in handling of VERTICAL DEFECTS
  • Learn on-demand & discuss your cases with your Instructor
  • Streamed LIVE Operations with Q&A
  • Weekly LIVE Video Calls
  • START your Masterclass NOW  

Join the


Besides the surgical part you will learn, how to position yourself and how to define your target group, how to develop your perfect offer, Sales Strategies and online marketing. After this EXPERT Masterclass you will be able to bring your IMPLANT BUSINESS to the absolute next level.

Each week we release one module for you to study at your own pace. The beauty of online learning is that you can re-visit the material as often as you like.

During these 12 weeks we are supporting you with our exclusive Facebook group where you can discuss all your questions and we are streaming LIVE operations. In addition we are offering our weekly Masterclass LIVE calls where you can ask your questions and discuss your individual cases.

Working with Real Bone 
- Take your implantology
skills from Good to Great

In order to participate, the attendee must be an
expert master class student!

This course is limited to 
22 participants

Education method: Participation 
Credit hours: 14 CEU
Subject code: 310 (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)


This Hands-on course builds on the EXPERT Masterclass and is addressed to colleagues already displaying experience in the field of bone augmentation. It covers complex regenerative cases such as lateral defects, sinus floor operations as well as the premium class of augmentation, the discipline of vertical bone augmentation. All techniques will be practiced by means of specific synthetic models as well as on pig or sheep jaws.

Particular significance will be attributed to the proper soft tissue approach, which is highly recommended in association with the vertical bone augmentation procedure such as the parallel technique and the right-angle technique.The Semilunar tunnel approach (STA) as well as the tunnel technique (Khoury) will be trained and the participants will master the harvesting of bone by means of several devices. Potential sources of errors will be addressed, and distinct guidelines will be provided in order to guarantee a predictable, successful outcome. All presented techniques will be exercised under the supervision of Dr. Frank Zastrow.

Learning objectives:

  • How to harvest bone intra-orally and how to deal with vertical defects
  • Introduction of the BBA Concept (Biological Bone Augmentation with autogenous bone)
  • Understand the limits of augmentation techniques
  • Protocol for lateral augmentation and advanced soft tissue management
  • Understand possible complications during pre-, intra-, and postoperative treatment
  • Understand the symbiosis of hard and soft tissue management
  • Diagnosis and reliable backward planning in compromised cases

Course Schedule:
2024 Course Dates
July 12 - 13, 2024
Venue: MegaGen America, 39-40 Broadway, Fairlawn, NJ 07410

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