Wehrle Implant Immersion Course

May 16
May 21
Puebla, Mexico
Santiago Momoxpan, PUE
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Wehrle Implant Immersion Course

Full continuum of implant courses for doctors of all experience levels!

 Dr. Michael Wehrle
Dr. Wehrle is the founder and CEO of Wehrle Implant Immersion Course. He was a founding member of the BAM (Business as Mission) Center which houses the WIIC. The BAM Center serves the underprivileged of Puebla, Mexico through a water ministry, puppet evangelism ministry, micro-lending to business start-ups, orphanages and various construction projects.

This intensive 4-day Live Surgery is limited to 16 clinicians and you will be able to return to your practice and begin providing predictable implant therapy to your patients after gaining clinical experience through conducting implant placement on live patients.

All patients are screened ahead of time, and he personally reviews every CBCT and meticulously plans the procedures for our students. This allows them to match your case with your skill level for a true one-of-a-kind training experience, which utilizes pre-operative CBCT for planning and post-operative CBCT for case review.

Course schedules

For beginning doctors:

  • Beginner Implant Immersion Course
    • To introduce general dental practitioners to implant and digital dentistry through didactic and hands-on clinical experience.

For Intermediate and Advanced:

  • Beyond Beginner Implant Immersion Course
    • Live surgery gives you the opportunity to practice innovative approaches to bone regeneration, tissue engineering, sinus lift techniques, and other procedures.

For Expert Doctors:

  • All-On-X Implant Immersion Course
    • The perfect course for doctors who desire a preplanned, guided All-on-X full immersion live surgery training all under one roof.

  • Implant placement techniques including
    • Sinus bumps for bi-cortical stabilization
    • Ridge splits
    • Immediates
    • Flapless procedure
  • Piezo-electric surgery techniques
  • Centrifuge techniques for fibrin membrane and sticky bone
  • Advanced bone grafting
  • Mega ISQ readings with Ostell
  • Socket preservation
  • Sinus elevation techniques - lateral window and crestal membrane
  • Flap design and suturing techniques
  • Soft tissue grafting: both free gingival graft and sub-epithelial connective tissue graft
  • Osseo-densification utilizing Densah burs and osteotomes.
  • Maxillary anterior: complete implant placement often with hard and soft tissue augmentation and/or immediate temporization
  • Placement of implants for full arch restoration utilizing:
    • Locators and overdenture
    • Implant supported roundhouse bridges
    • Mixed dentition cases restored with full crown and bridge over natural teeth and implants

    Beginner Implant Immersion Course: $14,995
    Beyond Beginners Implant Course: $16,995
    All-on-X Implant Immersion Course: $19,950
    *Once you submit your application and pay your $2,000 deposit, your spot is reserved. Non-refundable.
    *If you choose to pay the deposit only, you will then be billed in 2 equal installments for the remaining tuition.

    There is a $1000 cancellation fee up to 30 days prior to the course start date. 
    No refunds will be given if canceled 30 days prior to the start date.

    Clinical participation
    Credit hours: 45 CEU
    Subject code: 690 implants

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