Total Tissue Training: Bone Augmentation and Soft Tissue in Implant Dentistry

December 01
December 03
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Total Tissue Training: Bone Augmentation and Soft Tissue in Implant Dentistry

Dr. Ehab Moussa obtained his bachelor’s degree in dentistry from Alexandria University, Egypt, in 2009. He then joined his father in a specialty practice that focused on dental implant rehabilitation. In 2012, Dr. Moussa proceeded to join the periodontics fellowship program at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio where he pursued his master’s degree and residency in periodontics after completing his fellowship. A year later, Dr. Moussa completed the implant restoration fellowship program at Louisiana State University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

 This event is for clinicians with various degrees of
experience. Be sure to join us if you want to learn:


You have faced challenges when it comes to growing bone predictably in implant dentistry.


You have attended CE in the past but still face inconsistencies when growing bone for dental implants or still face uncertainty with soft tissue management.


You have experienced high complication rates and/or have
experienced severe complications when it comes to bone augmentation in implant dentistry.


You’ve faced indecisiveness about which technique or procedure to use to achieve your treatment goals in certain cases.


You’re ready to replicate predictable results with soft tissues.


Or if you have had success in the past with bone augmentation and soft tissue management but are looking to take your skills to
the next level.

The main advantage of our program is how each topic and technique are covered in a clear step-by-step approach. This makes our course a valuable resource to clinicians of varying levels of expertise in the field.

Bone Augmentation Course Details
(Days 1 and 2)

  • Understand the factors necessary for the success of any bone grafting procedure
  • How to diagnose and classify bone defects based on a proposed classification 
  • How to manage buccal and lingual flaps for predictable primary closure
  • How to harvest particulate autogenous bone and autogenous bone blocks
  • How to manage vertical and horizontal defects based on presented decision trees
  • How to avoid complications and protocols for their management
  • Principles of bone augmentation
  • Defect classification
  • Flap management and suturing
  • Decision trees for vertical and horizontal bone augmentation
  • Autogenous bone harvest from tuberosity, ramus, and atypical sites
  • Step by step techniques: Ridge preservation for compromised sockets, Ridge expansion, Ridge splitting, GBR with resorbable barriers stabilized with tacks, GBR with resorbable barriers stabilized with sutures, Titanium mesh, Khoury technique
  • Clinical case review
  • Post-op management
  • Complications
  • Ridge splitting with implant placement and veneer grafting
  • GBR with resorbable barrier stabilized with tacks
  • GBR with resorbable barriers stabilized with sutures
  • Titanium mesh for vertical augmentation
  • Ramus block harvest
  • Khoury technique
  • Labial and lingual flap release

Soft Tissue Workshop Full Details
(Days 3)

  • Understand the determinants of mucogingival health and stability around implants
  • How to diagnose soft tissue deficiencies, when to intervene, and how to treatment plan accordingly
  • Comprehend the importance of proper suturing technique and microsurgery
  • How to harvest soft tissue grafts predictably
  • Understand and visualize the step by step protocol for soft tissue techniques
  • Anatomy and terminology
  • Literature review
  • Defect classification
  • Timeline of grafting
  • Armamentarium
  • Suturing
  • Harvesting techniques: Free gingival graft, Connective tissue graft, Tuberosity harvest
  • Step by step techniques: Apically positioned flap, Vestibuloplasty, Rotated palatal pedicle, Roll flap and modifications, VISTA/tunnel techniques
  • Clinical case review
  • Post-op management
  • Microsurgical suturing exercises
  • Harvest of autogenous tissue
  • Apically positioned flaps
  • Free gingival graft
  • Rotated palatal pedicle
  • Tunneling with CTG

Early Bird: $3,495.00
Standard: $3,895.00

Cancellation Policy:
Cancel 2 weeks or more prior to course date for 100% refund.
Under 2 weeks NON-REFUNDABLE

Educational Method:
Credit Hours: Lecture (8 CE hours), Participation (8 CE hours)
Subject code: 490 - Periodontics

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