Precision Fully Guided & Freehand Dental Implant Surgical Training

August 18
August 20
NELA DENTAL, Vance Costello
2016 Tower Dr.
Monroe LA 71201
United States
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Precision Fully Guided and Freehand
Dental Implant Surgical Training

Precision FULLY Guided Surgery as well as FREE-Handed surgery both have their place in the realm of implant dentistry today. 

This 3-day combination course gives you real world hands-on experience Dr.  Vance with both Fully Guided as well as Free-handed surgery. 

This course are taught from a restorative driven perspective and gives you protocols and tools for immediate implementation into your office. 

Dr. Vance Costello invites you to attend this very intense 3-day LIVE Dental Implant Surgical Course in Monroe LA. The course objective is to give participants the experience and knowledge to provide dental implant treatment to the partially edentulous patient but also to prepare treatment sites for future implant placement. This course is highly restoratively driven with emphasis on key parameters for successful treatment planning and long-term patient outcome.

One day of workshops & lectures is followed by two days of Live surgeries performed by YOU. The number of implants placed during the course is dependent upon patients' clinical needs and relative to exceptional patient treatment. The cases are selected to give the attendees experience in a variety of implant scenarios that you will experience in your office, such as extraction with immediate implant placement, posterior and anterior implant placement, crestal sinus bump/lift, ridge augmentation, grafting etc.

During the two surgical days you will treat patients using Fully Guided Surgical Guides as well as Free-Handed implant placements. Attendees will also get hands-on experience treating patients utilizing PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin)/ CGF(Concentrated Growth Factors) as well as all aspects of bone grafting. A step-by-step learning methodology ensures that course participants return with the confidence to duplicate proper protocols in their own practice. An active unrestricted Louisiana Dental License is required for attendees to be able to actively participate in surgical procedures. 

Welcome to join us in Monroe, LA for a unique learning experience! 


Day 1 | 7:45am - 7pm

Lectures and workshop including:

  • Implant rationale, types and design
  • Restorative considerations & protocol
  • Surgical protocol for free-handed and fully guided implant placement
  • CBCT workshop and treatment planning
  • suture techniques and flap design
  • extractions and bone grafting techniques 
Day 2 | 7:45am - 7pm
  • Live surgeries on patients performed by attendees 

  • Post-op evaluation and discussions about cases performed attendees presenting 

Day 3 | 7:45am - 10pm
  • Live surgeries on patients performed by attendees 
  • Post-op evaluation and discussions about cases performed attendees presenting
  • Graduation dinner


  • Restoratively Driven Patient Evaluation and Treatment Planning
  • Protocol for Osseodensification
  • All implant placements and surgeries by attendees treating patients
  • Protocol for precision FULLY Guided and FREE Handed
  • PRF (Platelet- Rich Fibrin) / CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors) utilization and procedure 

  • Extraction with immediate implant placement 

  • Implant selection based upon bone density and volume 

  • Incision and flap design for implants, varied suture techniques 

  • CBCT and Radiographic evaluation and treatment planning

  • Learning the Fully Guided Process A-Z! — from treatment planning to surgery

  • Atraumatic extraction technique, simple socket grafting, predictable bone grafting techniques 

  • Crestal sinus lift technique 


$7,995 - Includes :

  • Use of all surgical equipment & motors
  • Dental Implants & patient guides
  • Bone grafting materials
  • All disposables
  • Light breakfasts & coffee
  • Lunch
  • Saturday evening graduation dinner 


Refunds will be made with written notice of cancellation and must be received four weeks prior to the course inception. 


Credit Hours : 30 CEU
Subject code : 690 implants


Joel A. Gonzales
Course Facilitator
Phone: (480) 440 - 3927

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