New Orleans, LA - Evening Seminar

March 08
March 08
Residence Inn by Marriott New Orleans French Quarter Area/Central Business District
360 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans LA 70130
United States
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   Immediate & Delayed Approach

    New Orleans, LA - Evening Seminar

Tomas Linkevičius serves as a Professor in Institute of Odontology, Vilnius in Lithuania and is creator of "Zero bone loss concepts" - a clear clinical pathway to develop and maintain crestal bon stability around dental degree in Kaunas Medical University in 2000. In 2004 he completed the post-graduate studies in prosthodontics in Vilnius University. In 2009 he finished his PhD doctoral dissertation and defended it in Riga Stradins University in Latvia.

4:00pm - 5:00pm


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Light Snacks/Dinner

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Evening Lecture

Mucosal tissue thickness was shown to be the factor having impact on crestal bone stability. Even platform switching of the implant-abutment connection does not reduce crestal bone loss, if soft tissues at the implant placement are thin. 

It is suggested that thin tissues might be thickened during implant placement, thus reducing bone resorption. If bone height is not sufficient, vertical augmentation of the soft tissue is recommended with different materials - autograft, a xenograft or a dermis-derived allograft.  

We will discuss: Why we should do immediate? Why immediate is still considered risky? What is prosthetically-guided immediates? Why immediates are successful? Type A, B, C immediates and others. 

Further, it is important to preserve bone levels after prosthetic treatment. Recent research has proved that the deeper the position of the margin, the greater amount of residual cement is left undetected. The relation between position of cement excess in the peri-implant sulcus, periodontal status of the patient and severity of peri-implant disease is explained. To avoid cement excess, finished implant restoration with occlusal opening is cemented on titanium base in laboratory and restoration is attached to the implant by an abutment screw. Zirconium as a material is considered the best for peri-implant soft tissues. However, it’s evident that it must be treated in special manner and polished. 


  • Learn how to develop and maintain crestal bone stability around delayed and immediate implants


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Credit Hours : 4 CEU

Subject code : 690 implants


$495 - Includes :

  • Light Snacks/Dinner
  • ZBLC Books not included
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