Bone Augmentation in Implant Dentistry: The Complete Technique Course

December 09
December 10
New Orleans
New Orleans LA
United States
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Bone Augmentation in Implant Dentistry:

The Complete Technique Course

Gain the knowledge and skillset to grow bone predictably in implant dentistry with our 2-day in person event

The biggest advantage of this program is how each topic and technique are covered in a clear step-by-step approach. This makes this course a valuable resource to clinicians of varying levels of expertise in the field.


  • Understand the factors necessary for the success of any bone grafting procedure
  • How to diagnose and classify bone defects based on a proposed classification
  • How to manage buccal and lingual flaps for predictable primary closure
  • How to harvest particulate autogenous bone and autogenous bone blocks
  • How to manage vertical and horizontal defects based on presented decision trees
  • How to avoid complications and protocols for their management

Practical hands on to learn various soft and hard tissue augmentation techniques.


  • Ridge splitting with implant placement and veneer grafting
  • GBR with resrobable barrier stabilized with tacks
  • GBR with resorbable barriers stabilized with sutures
  • Titanium mesh for vertical augmentation
  • Ramus block harvest
  • Khoury technique
  • Labial and lingual flap release


Early Bird: $2,395.00
Standard: $2,695.00


Cancel 2 weeks or more prior to course date for 100% refund.
Under 2 weeks NON-REFUNDABLE


Credit Hours : Lecture (8 CE hours), Participation (8 CE hours)
Subject code : 490 - Periodontics


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