3D Implant Institute Live Surgery Course

May 03
May 06
Tijuana, Mexico
Tijuana, BCN
Registrations are closed

4 Days Hands-on Surgical
LIVE Patients

Dr. Hardeek Patel

Dr. Patel has been placing implants since 2007 and has helped develop a drill design to improve cutting surfaces for a leading implant company. Dr. Patel owns a digital dental lab with several CBCT, printers, mills and scanner technologies 

Dr. Aman Bhullar

Dr. Bhullar has been placing implants since 2006. Dr. Bhullar uses digital solutions such as scanners and photogrammetry on a regular basis to provide a streamlined efficient process for his patients.

3D Implant Institute is designed to promote exceptional skills to surgeons who wish to acquire superior implant dental techniques. Our faculty have extensive implant experience and are experts in educating you with the latest innovations and ethical models.

This intensive four-day Live Surgery is limited to 12 clinicians and gives you the opportunity and confidence to practice innovative approaches to bone regeneration, tissue engineering, sinus lift techniques, implant placement, and other surgical procedures. Patients are pre-selected with various levels of surgical complexity to match your clinical skills. All surgeries are performed at the free dental clinic. 

All participants receive temporary work permits from the Mexican Department of Health. Participants can place between 10 to 20 implants depending on the complexity of the cases and doctors' skill level. 

We hope you will join us in our mission to improve the quality of life to our patients and benefit from this unique opportunity.

Course schedules

  • Implant Placement Techniques
  • Including Immediate extraction and implant placement 
  • Piezo-electric Surgery Technique
  • Centrifuge Techniques for Fibrin Membrane and Sticky Bone
  • Harvesting Techniques with Implant Placement
  • Ridge Split Techniques with Implant Placement
  • Advanced Bone Grafting
  • Titanium Mesh
  • Mega ISQII readings with Ostell
  • Socket Preservation
  • Sinus Elevation Techniques - Lateral Window and Crestal Membrane
  • Membrane Repair Techniques
  • Flap Design and Suturing Techniques
  • Grind teeth into bone grafting material with Smart Dentin Grinder
  • 3rd Molar Extraction
  • Soft Tissue Grafting

The basic to advanced doctors need to pick one choice:
1. Basic (extraction, implant placement)
2. Advanced (sinus lift, GBR, ridge split)

Course Fee - choose your option
4 Day Basic to Advanced: $13,995 for single chair
4 Day All on X: $19,995 for full arch

All sales are final, course fees can be transferred to another date if advance notice is given.
No refunds if any portion of the courses utilized

Clinical participation
Credit Hours: 26 CEU
Subject code: 690 implants

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