3D Implant Institute Exocad Hands On Course

April 14
April 15
Voxel Dental Solutions
8775 West Lane
Magnolia TX 77354
United States
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Exocad Hands On Course

Dr. Mike Tran

He completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Howard University in Washington, DC, and an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston came next. 

Dr. Danny Domingue

Dr. Daniel Domingue graduated from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry. He was awarded the Certificate of Achievement from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry for outstanding leadership in Implant Dentistry

This course is for dentists, lab techs, or dental assistants with basic understanding of implant restorative features who want to learn how to work more efficiently with their labs, design print in house, design and outsource mill, or design and mill in house.

Course schedules

Final goal is to design and 3D printing provisionals, proficient at understanding workflows, proficient in the ExoCad workspace, proficient at wax ups, proficient in majority of implant restoration design aspects of the software including custom abutment and crown design, troubleshooting the software, and layouts for optimal results and performance

ExoCad dongle, ExoCad loaded on your personal laptop, ExoCad.
If you need ExoCad you can purchase in advance through Voxel https://voxeldental.com/

  • Scanning Intraoral & Extraoral
  • Design basics using intra oral scan bodies and use of library’s available
  • Creating wax ups
  • Stitching
  • Design aspects for simple and advanced cases
  • Finalize design for exporting to print or mill
  • Understand split file parameters in milling
  • Dealing with Complications and troubleshooting
  • ExoCad share links and webviews
  • CAD rendering
  • Utilize hardware and software needed for predictable results.
  • Aligning Icam photogrammetry data
  • Open source full arch scan body demo

The move from analogue dentistry to Digital Dentistry for use with comprehensive care helps to resolve many of the current difficulties of analogue techniques. Learning the appropriate Exocad skills will allow you to design your patients’ new smiles more efficiently, and without the inherent difficulties of traditional analogue techniques.

From the initial patient engagement to comprehensive, full-arch and full-mouth dentistry, the utilization of the 3D facial scanner, Exocad smile design, and InstaRisa Digital Workflows will help to ensure predictable and excellent outcomes more efficiently and with a significant “WOW factor” from your patient base. Becoming more efficient in your Exocad 3D smile design will, no doubt, provide a significant time savings which may well correlate with a significant cost savings.

Doctor: $4,995
Assistant: $1,495

Course fees are transferable to next course

Clinical participation
Credit hours : 16 CEU
Subject code : 690 implants

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