About Us

What is MINEC?

MINEC - Mega’Gen International Network of Education & Clinical Research was founded as a non-profit organization in Korea in 2002.  MINEC was founded to initiate, promote science and research by providing a forum for clinicians and scientists to network and exchange science-based information.


By bridging the gap between science and clinical practice through continuing education and reaserch, MINEC aims to improve the quality of patient care around the world.


Organization Goals

MINEC America’s organizational goals are:

  • To support dentists and dental professionals in their advancement of skills and knowledge.

  • Encourage knowledge sharing and professional growth within the dental community.

  • To meet or exceed the expectation of the doctors attending our continuing dental education programs and courses.

  • To offer high-quality education at a reasonable and affordable cost to the attendees.

  • To provide a high level of service and commitment to all stakeholders of our organization.

  • Encourage clinical research and development to support safe science-based dentistry and advancement in minimally invasive treatment techniques

Educational Goals

MINEC America’s educational goals are:


  • To offer an educational portfolio of courses and programs that are accessible to the majority of dentists

  • To offer Live surgical courses with close instructor supervision to provide a safer learning environment for both attendees as well as patients

  • To organize and support study club activities, workshops, and lecture events to further knowledge and clinical education in the dental communities nationwide

  • To offer specialty courses to raise level of education in specific clinical areas

  • To engage instructors and scientific speakers that have an extensive experience in the key topics and techniques that are being taught.

  • To promote exceptional skills to surgeons who wish to acquire superior implant dental techniques.

  • To develop courses and programs to support dentists’ educational goals both short-term as well as long-term.

  • To be receptive to surveys, needs assessments as well as informal feedback and utilize results for continued improvement and development of course offerings.

  • To develop program directives aligned with public health care data and considerations to changes in the oral health status of our communities.